What if there were a way to have an IT department without actually hiring a single person? This is a question many small to medium-sized companies ask as they grapple with increasingly complex information technology. It seems that every day there's a more daunting technical challenge for companies to wrestle with: from security patches to service packs to fast-changing wireless technologies.

The idea is simple enough: expand on the basic concept of outsourcing specific IT functions to a managed service provider by outsourcing the entire IT function. For companies who need a fully-fledged IT department but would rather not dedicate resources to the headcount, salary, healthcare benefits and capital expenditure this entails, Corporate West has a solution: onsite professional services.

What do we offer? Essentially everything you could possibly need: regular network and desktop computer maintenance; network design & implementation; system design, implementation and migration; and comprehensive technical problem diagnosis and resolution. Our staff can be onsite full-time, or available on an as-needed, on-call basis.

You benefit from having resident support, training and IT strategy expertise. And the peace of mind from knowing that no matter how big the job, our team of experts can collaborate to solve the toughest problem, recommend the right mix of technology for your evolving needs, and manage the most demanding IT hardware, software and operating system upgrades.